Summer School of Veterinary Endocrinology 2016

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Julia Buchholz

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In July 2002 she received her degree in Veterinary Medicine after studies at the Veterinary School in Giessen (Germany) and Nantes (France). From 2003-2005 she accomplished her doctoral thesis on Photodynamic Therapy at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). In September 2007 she gained her Diploma in Radiation oncology after a combined residency program at the University of Zurich and the Colorado State University (2005 - 2007).


She did spend some time at the Louisiana State University as Visiting Assistant Professor and she helped to set up the radiation oncology section at the Centro Oncologico Veterinario in Sasso Marconi, Italy. Since November 2008 until now she is running the radiation oncology section at the Animal Oncology and Imaging Center in H├╝nenberg, Switzerland.


Over the past 10 years, Julia presented at national and international meetings, wrote scientific articles and book chapters.